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New Anarchadia website up!!!



The Huffington Post Censored Me


La Friche (The Cultivation Of A Wasteland)


An American Manifesto


Kennedy on GDP


The Question of Atheism


USA Today


The President and the Press (Mistaking the J.F.K Secret Society Speech)


Nicolas Paul Stephane Sarkozy de Nagy-Bocsa



The Secret Government (PBS)


The American Economy Analysis


DCA Might Cure Cancer


Scary 9/11 Coincidence?


Police Brutality


AlQaeda Inc.


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  La Friche is an abandoned factory, in the city of Lyon, France, once used by companies, such as, Renault and Berliet. This set of abandoned and deteriorating warehouses, was a strong symbol of the booming Second Industrial Revolution, which took place throughoudevilt Western Europe during the early 1900's. After many years of neglect, the 35 000 sq. meters of space became a refuge (squat) for artists, residents, activists in the year 2000. This is quite a common practice in France, where abandoned buildings are used to offer temporary shelter for the homeless, immigrants, and even University Students! Although “squatting” is not a legitimate practice; it is usually done as a political statement. An example of these statements is the fact that 1/3rd of all rentable properties in France are purposely kept off of the market. This system benefits the people who profit from the French housing market, creating a bubble (because of the scarcity), ergo, making prices higher. Therefore, a growing http://farm1.static.flickr.com/213/519556777_2383bca784.jpgminority of people from all walks of life, find themselves with no viable solution. The French Government has continually fought against the practice of “squatting (which has come seemingly as an effect of the largely unreported french housing crisis), by sending the C.R.S (armored police), and evicting the “squatters” by force. These raids have intensified under President Sarcozy largely due to the World Economic Crisis. Sarcozy has been on a crusade of “Neo-Thatcherism”, since his inauguration in 2007; calling for mass privatization of a once exemplary socialist system.


In 2002, The City of Lyon legitimized the squat (La Friche), authorizing the use of this abandoned industrial site to its residents, for the experimentation of “new artistic territories”.


Fast-forward to Febuary, 2010. The City of Lyon and the Greater Lyon Area, began a relocation process, offering to trade the 35,000 sq. meters of space for a minor 3 500. The denizens of La Friche have been stalling the decision for the past six months, and the City has now announced a deadline to "vacate" the premises before July 31 (which does not meet the deadline of the agreement signed by the City in 2002).


In America, “squatting” is an unthinkable practice. However, recently attempts by churches have been made following the financial crisis, but to no avail.


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The "Lone Gunner" was a t.v show spin off of the X-files. This episode was released March 6, 2001 a full six months before Sept. 11th. The episode speaks of a plot which has striking resemblance to the actual tragic event. The Producer of the show has stated that the CIA worked with the show giving them stories. This episode was one of those stories...

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Overwhelming with information, this is a very detailed documentary about and around the events of Sept. 11.



Core Of Corruption: In The Shadows(1 of 5 Films)CoreOfCorruption.com









This video is a must see! It is overwelming with information and full of sources. This is the most detailed video I've ever seen.

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I believe that NWO and illuminati retoric is disinformation, because if you look at the CFR, Builderberg, Aspen Institute, etc...You realize that it is in these clubs that the true propaganda is served; which in turn serve the banking institution and its corporate everchanging monarchy. This is the small group which force feeds most of our government policies,http://stoptheinvasionoforegon.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/jail_the_corrupt_politicians.jpg politicians, dictators and diamond regulators (Kimberly Process). The corruption they want to control perpetuates corruption all over the world through the violence of police and officials. America's poorest class barely ever votes... According to the latest statistics they represent roughly about 50% of the population. It is sad to know, but in times like these it is always the poor class which must educate itself; or else they will only be duped into creating havoc and always be considered the dangerous and ignorant class (again)... Jacobins vs aristocrats. Here are our choices the elite is rigging us into:

1.) America is being pushed towards a civil war (through class conscience because race conscience did not work) because  it would greatly benefit investors once a new power is put into place. CIA has directly said that they would not interfer... Beware of religion in America they are being brainwashed through notions like the illuminati to think that the world is conforming to paganism. Although this is not completely false it is only to divide religious power and state. Yet if they do that, should not replace it as they've done with corporations and state...  Our system was drafted as the power of the People and state. America was a free country and it is hard work keeping it that way.

2.) They will send the UN through the second most powerful Nato ally China once America loses to the Banking Elite's most powerful weapon (for uncontrollable countries) Hyper Inflation (when we've been paying them interest since 1913). If America is declared a terrorist state it will be invaded by the "peacekeeping" NATO forces.

3.) We declare war on the Middle East backed by Saudi Arabia, Israel, and maybe Iraq. We attack Iran and create a mess far worse than Vietnam; in the name of Democracy only to destabilize the country through the loss of our troops. And make it hard (more expensive abroad) for Russia and China to get Natural Gases and Oil. Which is what I think the elites are hoping for. If they lose they will put themselves with the other side and again blame the poor population for their war mogering; when in fact it was the corporations who made all of the gross profits of war.

4.) A peace movement like Zeitgeist takes over all branches of government in a transatory phase where they nationalize banks and audit the FED IMF etc...(read chompsky the nationalization of banks does not always lead to war mongering governments; usually ignorance does)... Audit the UN because they no longer do it themselves (The UN has no internal affairs division since 2006)... And reformat the media so that everyone can have an unbiased vision of what is truely going on.
The last one I made up but I'm sure they have a drafted plan for this...

The Coran is practically a carbon copy of the Bible and this only proves that all religions are carbon copies... Which is good for us atheists. The best weapon against religion is Scientology because it is a modern example of how a religion sets itself up into a brainwashing institution... And behind close doors negotiate not paying taxes...




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