A Memo To End All Memos

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http://www.guardianchronicle.com/images/the%20world%20trade%20center.jpgWe've been doing the same tango since, before, and after the revolutions of Europe in 1836. Except now there is a new empire, the emperors replaced the King and his protégés. Who in turn have been replaced by the franchise managers and politicians (who are psychologically fit for wrestling rinks) usually seen on C-span today. To this day, the protégés remain extremely influential and we're still fighting against this multi faceted power system. When I say “nothing has changed” I mean it: we still have a king, we still have private and acquired land, we still have intellectual elites and we definitely still have taxes! We are still misinformed! Instead of witchcraft and devils we have terrorists and anarchists, UFOs and secret military defense mechanisms, and the list goes on.

So how do we fight back? Peacefully! We have to look back at what we think we know and figure out how to kill the beast we’ve created.  We need to realize that our institutions are founded on archaic ideals instead of realistic systems which understand and fully incorporate all and not just The few.

So what do we think we know? International Bankers formed in Europe replacing religious institutional infiltration. In turn creating Empires. Then these were replaced by democracies, communities and the bankers systematically prospered by financing warfare off the mass differences the People had. This system of fortune creation continues to this day. Divide and you shall conquer. Then they created a real enemy: Hitler who turned in the end against the bankers. Then Stalin followed by, North Korea, and Saddam Hussein.

We are in a spiraling mouse wheel. Nothing new is really invented or created.

Through this spectrum we see true reality and everything becomes foreseeable. The few who in the End seem to have a grasp on this reality; either are rich and on top or poor and in the dirt. This intelligence I call the “Fringe Intelligence”; the poor and abused are usually too misinformed to truly realize that some of their instincts and fears were right. Example: educated people know today for a fact, if asked that: The war in Iraq could have never happened without September 11. Yet the question of it not being a conspiracy is so absolute. WHY? Is it because the media, the politicians, the official faces we trust are all bought out by corporations; and we believe the “official” story as they repeat it over and over into our ears. This doesn’t mean that the idea that we are being misinformed is a conspiracy. The conspiracy seems more realist than the figmented version they’ve put on the air on repeat. So where do we look for real information? Through research the only way to truly understand is if you research everything yourself. You are the new media for yourself!

WE NEED TO START INFORMING OURSELVES! THE INTERNET IS A BREAK-OFF: The argument against sources on the internet is that some are misleading; yet force fed Coca Cola and Nike commercials aren't misleading?

Support:  wikileaks.org!!!


--John McCarthy

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