An open letter to Barrack Hussein Obama

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Mr. Black President,

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  You’ve dupe us! You said you represented freedom, an America which would no longer pursue other countries for its own financial gain (and here we are in Afghanistan), you said you were for clarity and transparency (yet refuse to look over the events of Sept. 11th taking the same rhetoric as Bush or; not pursue insurance companies like AIG who’ve reaped billions of dollars from the system), and you said you were for equality (yet you send down 1200 troops to prevent Mexicans, our country has personally impoverished, from entering). Your rhetoric presents a bold man, yet your actions expose you as a coward. No Mr. Black President you are not worth any more than the white wrinkly old rags which preceded you. I might be white yet I don’t lie you might be black yet you lie. So you see color doesn’t change courage and honesty. You say you want to cut down military spending (yet you personally employed the CEO of Raytheon as Secretary of Defense). You’ve done dirty things which even Bush or Clinton could never dream of having done.  You say you are a just man,  still innocent people die on the electric chair with your approval. For a free country America locks up more people than countries like China. Mr. Obama you are scum just like your predecessors. You’ve lied to a trusting world. And that is the ultimate mistake. The world for the first time can see through the of the corporate whores. Open secrets of egotistic corporate domination and expose them. The media can no longer hide the truth. The World once again is waking up. It will not fight against other religions, because unlike you the world wants freedom. It will not impoverish people because it will know how it feels to be poor. It will not need a blackberry because it will have seen all of the crooks who've pushed meaningless products for their own benefit. No we will be for the world, for peace, and for everyone to live free. We are not your serfs Mr. President. We are your emperor and we will make you kneel in shame, when the hour comes; and our glorious efforts will radiate far into the distant future. No thanks to you!


A non-racist-non-partisan-pacifist





You wish people not to be racist yet you give them more means to. You are a detriment not only to the world but to our African brothers and sisters.

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