From Freedom to Fascism

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"As an exiled countryman, I am sad to see what is going on right now in the U.S and A. Homeland Security which now have specialists on channels like CNN and, of course, the Fox News Channel. September 11th  was so suspicious. There is also  the fact that George Bush senior was also implicated in major conspiracy. I don't know if you've heard about it: the Kennedy Assassination. Today the Patriots are rising up against the nation, wanting Civil War. American trigger happies are going to make their real enemies real happy and wealthy; and those enemies are the War Profiteers. It would be sad wouldn’t it: Patriots who want to end corruption in their country, fighting the institutions (who were financed by the War Mongers) while the real enemies sip mojitos in the Bahamas watching the action on Russia Today.

Yet, it isn’t only in the United States that people should fear their institutions (Government, Media, Military, and Corporations). If we want to be real patriots (not to be confused with hypocrites) we need to understand this puzzle as a whole and not just try to understand our own little personal wedge on the map. In America for example, we’ve been taught to believe in school that our ancestors came here to America for religious reasons. But we forget that this was minor compared to their loathing of Britain’s Institutions and practices such as taxation. So this makes Americas view of religion a farce. Our founding fathers were atheist free-masons and they wanted our country to be a country where any idea would be accepted and not fought against. how is it that today everything still revolves around religion. Haven’t the specialists, even our founding fathers been saying for that past 200 years, that religion conjures war. Yet here America is fighting Islamism in the Middle East. The very country which did not want Religious rule is doing just that. These, my friends are the people I call “Hypocrites”. Now Hypocrites are not mean people they are just mislead by the institutions. A few rich people with follies of their own manipulate these people but they are on our side they just don’t know it yet.

Another example I would like to give is the Alex Jones Show. The show says a lot of very true things. The only problem is all of the rubbish and political agendas which go behind what the show says. It also doesn’t help that the show is financed by anti communists, red-necks, rich southerners, and fear mongers. Hitler also said many true things like Central banks are corrupted, or that Germany had been led into an economical crisis by foreign banks it didn’t help that he himself was mislead.There is also disinformation like Alex Jones preaching about what Christianity ought to be, criticizing morality, etc… and these ideas in the future could lead us on tangents of war instead of peace. If we really want to figure out what is going on we have to keep a cool head; otherwise we’ll just be lead into war again and never grasp the full content of the story. This example is further understood by watching the Alex Jones Interview with Peter Joseph (directed Zeitgeist Documentaries). You can see one man (Alex Jones) defending his interests and agendas while the other (Peter Joseph) who defends no concrete agenda of his own, finds himself being bombarded by Alex with moral slander and other various insults towards his person. When both promote for the most part the same facts: September 11th fraud, Central banks etc… Alex Jones is a very smart man and I’ve learned a lot from his show yet the show has been infiltrated by promoters of violence and we know already where this will lead us. Imagine you’ve got two friends and you are evil. These friends realize that you are evil, what do you do? Well you make them think the other is evil and then you watch them fight. After the fight you tell them that they were both wrong, everything goes back to normal except that now they both look up to the evil person. The evil person is now in power. This is the concept of “Divide and Conquer” learn it quick if you want to make this world a better place.

If this is not enough there is also the General Patton Video circulating on Youtube with over two million views. That video directly endorses the war in Iraq. As if America isn’t already dominating the rest of the world. What a bunch of testosteronial creeps! This world doesn’t need more death, enough people die every day, and if you cannot see this well it is only because you are not educated enough!

Now I can’t give you an ultimate alternative for this, and I wouldn’t want you to want me to. I can only say

inform yourself and listen to no one idea or person."


--John McCarthy



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