Money, Money, Money

Publié le par disgrace23 the past I’d heard statements like “the Jews supported Hitler before WW2” and it had always been placed in the anti-semitic propaganda section of my mind. Recently, my point of view has somewhat changed.

It happened while watching a documentary about America’s Banking Cartel and the way it controls the private and public sectors of our country. And then it dawned on me, the question I’d been asking myself for years: Why would the Jews want to mass slaughter themselves? Made it impossible for me to see the obvious. Soon after, I realized that the Banking Cartel had a lot to gain from Nationalized Socialism. Weapons make huge profits. Before I elaborate, I want to make clear that I have no anti-semitc tendances. I am an anarchist and there have been and still are many Jewish anarchists. I am a pacifist and money is a global cause to liberate ourselves from greed, hatred, and inequality.

When I say Banking Cartel. I am of course referring to a small minority of very wealthy Hebrew International Bankers who believed and still believe that the world should be controlled by an Banking Elite. You could probably say that these "men" (no women are allowed to control the banking dynasty) were anti-semitic towards six million of their own race. Even though they acclaimed their errors before and during WW2 to ending anti-semitism. The documentary I watched basically explained that this Elite controls Government Debt and acts as an economic leech which never stops growing. Nationalized Socialism would have offered these men just this. Now as all good bankers do these men invested in several sides: Communism (with Central Banking system), failed capitalism (fascism), and a brand new Capitalistic twin with a blond, smiling, white teethed image (U.S.A); creating by coincidence the most iconic anti-semitic deterrent of today: WW2. The system of bankers backing all sides of a war dates back to Napoleon and the Battle of Waterloo. The Rothschild Family had been placed all over Europe and set up the most elaborate form Banking Imperialism still in existence today. The worst part about this Elite is that it is run just like a monarchy; and works pretty much the same way as a family business. So our Democracy is not so democratic after all. This is very important to all of us, because this societal leech can coexist with every form of Government; except Anarchism. Ever wondered why Anarchists have been massacred by all sides? And somewhere in all of this Christ and Hitler were right on one point (and one point only I am not for war, under any circumstance) “Money is the root of all evil”. And in a way Hitler was a puppet who learned how to control his body and mind and has become somewhat of an manipulated anti-christ (if you consider Jesus Christ as a symbol against the existence of money). This makes the idea of money one of the oldest, most important and unsolved political problems the west has ever known. In some way Money is sort of like God, people cannot cope with the idea that we can live without it. When they are merely man made preconceptions. And this should be the debate in the next presidential elections worldwide. The perpetuation of greed and ignorance is no longer viable for us as a whole. This problem divides us and kills us! Some of today’s problems are directly linked to this subconscious phenomenon (war in Iraq and if we’re not extremely diligent prominent war with Iran).

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