Monologues of the C.I.A

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-“So things aren’t going so great in the Middle East, and America is tired of seeing their troops dying off-shore.  What should we do?"

“ Let’s have Bin Laden threaten America again.”

“ Yeah.”

“ Even better lets have him threaten American civilians.”

“But there haven’t been any attacks on American soil lately. The C.I.A has been on our backs about this ever since 2001.”


“Yeah well that’s alright. Don’t those guys have American Prisoners over in the Middle East?”

“Oh! You’re right they’ve got them journalists and stuff

“Yes well we’ll use them. Problem solved”


This is the sort of conversation I imagine when issues like this one show up: Bin Laden warns US not to kill mastermind.Call me unpatriotic but I just can’t help it. I mean this war from the beginning has been absolutely idiotic and irrelevant to any important issue needing resolve in this world. Brass facts: The main reason Bin Laden is supposedly mad at us is for the US involvement in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The only reason we’re mad at him is for

- “The war in Iraq…NO! The Taliban…Nope it’s Al Queda….No, no,no it’s the thing with those two towers….Oh yeah WTC how could I forget!”.

Even here I am at a loss for logic. What about the war in Iraq which is pumping out billions of dollars in Government (People’s U and I not I.O.U)? Killing innocent human beings? I mean how would I explain to an Iraqian why I (My Government, CIA, FBI) invaded their country? This question alone answers many questions. Yet on the surface it seems like a frenzy amongst many frenzies such as: (Today’s headlines)Non-stressful diet foods, Tiger Wood’s new mistress, and Congress being attacked verbally for the health bill. For the latter I wonder if they received as many threats when they were selling their war on terror. The war in Iraq is just a piece of paper in a huge collag, another mess our idiot politicians in power got us into.

So what do I say to this Iraqian man? Well one thing I am sure of is that Osama Bin Laden had no link whatsoever with the war in Iraq. So Why? I know that Bush’s father also had his eagle eyes on Iraq the first time. I know that his failure only made him want to succeed. Personally I remember reading the National Geographics when I was a kid and had been shocked ten years younger by this brutal war. Also the term Gulf World gave it a homely tune and this is where you start noticing Intel being used in politics directly. Bush senior worked for the C.I.A, was a Bones man (who for the most have always been linked to the C.I.A). Bush junior was born into a corrupt family. I have no doubts about this. I neither like nor dislike the C.I.A but name me one thing the C.I.A has done for the World besides making America richer in the process? Or that they have done, for the cause of humanity. If you’re speaking about the Cold War forget about it. They wanted the Cold War. I’m neither for Kennedy for that matter, yet his story is as suspicious as the Bush-Cheney-C.I.A concoction they’ve been fixing up for us since Sept.11th. There is an expression which goes something like “shit always smells like shit. Or, flys are always drawn by crap”. Who cares. The point is that these guys were involved in the greatest conspiracies of the 20th Century: The Kennedy Assasination, The Watergate Scandal and the yet to be WTC scandal. So when you ask me to believe Sept. 11th, I say why? Because those crooks told the media who told you?  Sorry that just isn’t enough for me Big Dog. I need facts. Not fiction.

And I truly hope that someday all these articles will finish in the non-fiction section of the book store along with their author’s pictures on the backs of their covers.  


P.S: I am an avid reader of current “conspiracy theories” and I think it a funny thing that we no longer show the face of Bin Laden when he speaks. It’s all done in audio recordings. Reminds me of the documentary Loose Change. The Gov. officially said that people on the planes which crashed into the WTC were communicating on cell phones: what went on inside the planes during the attack. When all the statistics, of cell phone use on planes, at the time, were against this possibility 1000/1. Also the planes would have had to remain at collision level for the period of their conversations. A year later Voila!  You could call people on your cell phone from a plane! Isn’t it magical how it all works out.


--John McCarthy



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Mariana 01/04/2010 23:51

It's incredible how people simply forget historical facts, or choose not to remember, I don't know. Bin Laden being trained by the CIA, for example. That's not conspiracy theory, that's a fact!
Even the press choose to forget that (of course, why would they remember...). I once had a teacher who used to say that history is not about calendars and dates to be memorized, it's a very
powerful thing if you know how to use it, and can be used to all kinds of purposes... And this is exactly the case...

disgrace23 15/04/2010 13:38

Hey there Marriana I didn't even see that you'd written me a comment....I think it has to do with the political systems of today; it is proof that we are sitting ducks in a world of
disinformation. People ought to be educated back to raw common facts which could hopefully stop such distortions of reality!