Nicolas Paul Stephane Sarkozy de Nagy-Bocsa

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What is the difference between Margaret Thatcher and President Sarcozy?


There is no difference, at least not on a political level between the two. Margaret Thatcher was with the same difficult tasks as is now Sarcozy. Some of these tasks were: Privatization, Immigration, Immigrant Cultural Integration. These three political themes make the two politicians look like they are mirror images. The fat public system or "No more lame Duck"...”Privatization, Privatization Privatization”. Both Thatcher and Sarcozy craved Privatization alongside the Wealthiest Private Investors. This in turn was for the sole purpose of buying the privatized companies cheap, making a quick profit and then dumping the company to less wealthy investors. You could still say privatization is good but you'd be wrong! Immigration is in France, as was in England, because of one small problem the Lords neglected: High Unemployment. These governments chose to blame minorities whom did not yet have a voice in the political system. Immigration was and is only an excuse for the wealthy thieves to keep thieving; making the political defenseless (immigrants) utensils in phasing the blame away from their policies. Fascists and Rascists have only wealthy people to blame not the poor netted people (immigrants) who chose to come to wealthier countries to be treated like dirt. Immigrant Cultural Integration was considered a as Margaret Thatcher so elegantly described in an interview before her election. The problem in her opinion was that immigrants from the CommonWealth were not integrating well in England. Sarcozy is currently fighting the same ideal with his right-wing political party the UMP. L’identité Nationale as it is put in France. Is a debate on whether or not France is losing its National Cultural identity because of Muslim French Citizens (who same as all colonizing countries do invited them over 40 years prior after the Algerian War). France has voted itself into the same Political Agenda as was practiced in the U.K 30 years ago (under the Prime Ministership of Margaret Thatcher). The UMP is currently in search of intellectuals who can win this debate for them. There is also the last but most important policy these two foes have in common and that is lending their ears to wealthy monopolists who strive and continue to live off of the middle and poor class. So if there are any Fat Cows in France they would probably most assuredly be the wealthy Government Officials such as Sarcozy (who raised his salary by 125% as soon as he was elected). And, of course! The other wealthy families who have lobbied continuously for the dehumanization of France. Whether it be through the Right Wing Parties or the Left Wing Parties. Never forget when you are very wealthy you can personally make a difference for any politician. But most importantly I want this article to finish by saying “BEWARE of the Corporations they too can buy politicians and finance political parties” and agendas. Who watches them while Big Brother watches us?

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