The Question of Atheism

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Since my youngest days, the word God has reached my ears many a time. There was really no way of escaping Religion, at least not in my family: father was a devout Catholic, my mother had been raised by my catholic grandmother and my grandfather was an ex-catholic turned devout Atheist; and with all this I lean today towards atheism. Why?

In the most obvious way it seems to be the same ridiculous debate of whether to be politically left or right or whether you might prefer grunge instead of pop-rock instead of industrial music. All I see is division (diversion), many branches leading towards the same tree. It is great to be an individual; but we are always part of a community and without this community we would be non-existent. So yes I do abide in ideas such as: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"; yet I don’t believe that god will burn me in Hell if I do otherwise. This just seems like normal etiquette to me. I have argued with many priests in my day and have even received a bible after one of these conversations. Religion has so many deep holes that you could argue against or for it all day. But the only way you will believe it is if you have faith; and the faith which is promoted today, seems to be lead by sheep herders. Or olden day opium pipe assistants maybe that’s where  “the opium of the masses” expression comes from.  

What is the main thought most people express if you mutter the idea of a world without the existence of religion? They serenade you with the elitist ideal of this world being a chaotic place, because people are barbarians, etc… But wouldn’t this be the same answer to an anarchist debating any particular governing power? it the idea of these institutions being non-existent, which is so bad, or could it be that these institutions have more to lose then we might of them; therefore spoon feed the idea of chaos after the over throwing of institutional governance. I would also have to argue the latter: yes chaos sets upon an undisciplined people yet order is a natural process of survival which naturally returns (shortly after). Humans are just as bound to be malicious in groups as they would be alone. Even the biggest brute in this world wants security for him and his family. So by what means do we achieve this security everyone naturally craves for,  at least some time or another in their lives? Through the instinct of survival? Religion? Theocracy? Monarchy? Or Democracy with a hint of religion? Who knows! What I know is that many sage people have admitted that governance and religion need to stay separated. Does this mean that religion is bad? It has shown to be terrible at governing in the past.

So then why do people still trust religion? Is it because of the beautiful stories or the convincing priests? Or maybe the Churches? Social connections? The morally right messages? And the rest of the positive things which religion brings.  For this I don’t know, or maybe I do know and just don’t want to spoil it for everyone.

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