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A letter of true Patriotism

                As an American, I do not understand the America of today. Millions put their hearts out for a black superman recently elected. And what has changed? Not much. It’s still the same style government out the same policies. The imagery I hold of Washington D.C is this: a giant toilet bowl. You have the Republicans doing the dirty work and the Democrats doing more dirty work, yet acting as though they are really just solving problems the republicans created. But far away from this giant toilet are the sewers. Today I read a story by AP about a rasta who didn’t want to cut his hair and was left in a solitary prison cell because he felt that he shouldn’t have to cut his dreadlocks; but far worse, had been in prison since he was 18, because of a disgruntled crime: robbery with a gun. We see it happening all the time on t.v. It is marginalized. Yet the guy has been in prison for 47 years for such a crime. I don’t know about Obama but I see this as a perfect waste of a human life. Talk about a real crisis!

                Then of course there is the continued War with the Middle East. It is safe to say now that it is no longer Osama vs. Bush, Terrorism vs. the people, Democracy vs. totalitarianism; because all hypocrisy aside, today it is plain and simply the U.S vs. the Middle East.  The C.I.A according to WikiLeaks has even gone as far as corrupting French and German officials into the idea of sending more troops over to Iraq. And to be totally honest this war is a lie, a true conspiracy against the freedom of information and of the human rights of all people world wide. Because Terrorism has always been world-wide. Al today it is projected as a problem unique to the 21st Century. And since Obama has become president these politics have not changed course. Now the fault does not lie in Obama, I feel that he is a man mislead by illusions and probably others delusions. Yet he needs to wake and see that there is a gigantic wall dividing Mexico and America, a Secretary of Defense who is also the ex-CEO of the N.1 dominating Military Industry in America Raytheon, and a prison closing in Cuba with prisoners being sent to other, even more degraded prisons.

                Coming back to prisons in America; there is a very good French web documentary about the prison system in America called Prison Valley. You can browse through the French and find many interesting interviews in English Here. The prison system in America is shown as a privatized nightmare, which induces slavery to pay for the keeping of prisoners in return for huge profits. Workers (prisoners) have built towns, prisons, license plates and produce huge incomes for private companies. It has even created a small economy which has become dangerously addicted to this devastating market.

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