Let us

let us dilly daly in our individuality
clicking photos of the abstract ushttp://www.selfknowledge.org/resources/press/introspect.jpg
clinging on to lost thoughts of eternity
only to be shoved with a trillion corpses

let us walk besides ourselves
and wander into our inner workings
only to introspect so far
as to never want escape

Until the tick tock has stopped
and our bio clock is stocked

Enlightened or; only our senses hightened
Nothing a buddhist monk or christian priest
can teach without it dissolving
because lack of belief

believe anything
reality, perception, senses
god, law, a goat
http://microscopiq.com/images/cambodia-angkor.jpgpretenses for building our own moats
to lock our minds into division
for fear of global co-operation
and deliberation
or the liberation