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As free market, capitalism & technology expands

the third world's fertile soil becomes a desert wasteland

so it takes fans to demand the government provide answers

when Lady Liberty has me bewitched like Samantha,

and poverty is one of the most malignant forms of cancer

to all my black magic romancers & acid rain dancers,

 develop close ties like Jerry Seinfeld & George Costanza

we fear no man & throw jams that attack Counter Intelligence Programs

 exiting like the epic adventures of Conan,

 I colonize minds like Zaire by the Belgians

 now what hell is the problem with this system
& what... it sells us I break the ancient ...

billets like Wycleff did the zealots

I saw an iron curtain

called Hip-Hop and got it opened

like Boris Yeltsen whirlwinds, tornadoes

& the rain forest if you say so,

KRS & the last Emperor roll

like the Green Hornet & Kato Zack De La Rocha brings the enraged flow;

but all three drop science & become the most powerful alliance since N.A.T.O.

---C.I.A (Criminals in Action)---

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